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 TMJ pain

TMJ is typically not a covered service under dental insurance plans.  However, many medical plans including TRICARE, cover TMJ services. 

Dr. Lesan is a contract provider for TMJ services with TriCare Medical Services.

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Many people, even doctors, nurses, and insurance companies use the term TMJ. But what does this abbreviation mean? The term TMJ is an abbreviation for Temporo-Mandibular Joint, or the jaw joint. In fact, there are really two TMJs, one in front of each ear. The TMJ is the joint formed by the temporal bone of the skull (Temporo) with the lower jaw or mandible (hence, mandibular). These joints move each time we chew, talk or even swallow. The TMJ is actually a sliding joint and not a ball-and-socket like a shoulder. This sliding allows for pressures placed on the joint to be distributed throughout the joint and not just in one area. The TMJ is the most complex joint in the human body. Placed between these two bones is a disc, just like the one between your backbones. This disc is primarily made of cartilage and in the TMJ acts like a third bone. The disc, being attached to a muscle, actually moves with certain movements of the TMJ.

The nerve of the TMJ is a branch of the trigeminal nerve and therefore, an injury to the TMJ may be confused with neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve. The two bones of the TMJ are held together by a series of ligaments, any of which can be damaged, just like any other joint. A damaged TMJ ligament usually results in a dislocation of the disc, the lower jaw, or both. Also, the bones are connected by two main muscles: the temporalis, the masseter, and a muscle discovered by Dr. Shankland, the zygomandibular. Any or all of these muscles may be painful and produce pain in the TMJ or at the very least, abnormal movement of the lower jaw.

If there's an injury to one or both TMJs, some of the following symptoms might occur:

   *  TMJ clicking or popping
   *  Headache pain
   *  Ear pain and at times, pressure
   *  Ringing or noises in the ears
   *  TMJ catching or locking
   *  Change in occlusion (bite)
   *  Neck, shoulder and upper back pain

   *  Tiredness, lack of sleep

Dr. Lesan received extensive training in TMJ and Facial Pain Management from the L.D. Pankey Institute in Florida as well as training at the University of Florida - Gainsville Facial Pain Clinic.  He has been diagnosing and treating TMJ for over 15 years.


After a thorough exam and diagnosis have been made, our Jacksonville dentist will take impressions of your teeth and have a custom fitted acrylic appliance made to fit on your bottom teeth.  You will wear the appliance full time for 12-16 weeks while being monitored for adjustments.  After that, you can begin to wear the appliance only at night and during the day as needed.


If you have military insurance, TMJ services are covered by your TRICARE medical plan.  Non-military patients are covered by medical insurance plans, but not all companies cover this service.  Please call our office to discuss your medical plan with one of our representatives.


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