Introducing our new 3D imaging unit designed by a Star Trek fan! Our doctors and clinical staff spent the day training on our new low dose radiation X-ray machine.

What is it?
A CBCT scan, or cone beam computed tomography scan, is a type of X-ray that uses a digital computer and a rotating machine that produces a cone-shaped X-ray. This way, the medical professional can see clear, 3-D images of tissues, blood vessels, organs and bones. This is far beyond the abilities of a simple X-ray.

Radiation exposure is less than you would get from walking outside in the sun.


What will our dentists use this for?

  1.  Yearly patient x-rays (all ages)
  2. Diagnosing TMJ, jaw bone issues, root canals, airway problems
  3. Patients who have trouble using traditional bite wing sensors for X-rays due to bone growth or gagging issues can now have those issues relieved!



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