Dental Membership Plan


Dentistry you need at prices you can afford!

Without the insurance company as the middle man, we can offer you an affordable dental membership plan to help you receive the dental care you need.  Our plan is affordable and comprehensive including all preventative care, emergencies and discounts on other dental procedures.  NO deductibles, NO claim forms or pre-authorizations, NO waiting period or pre-existing conditions, and NO yearly maximums!

ADULT PLAN                                       CHILD PLAN                                      PERIO 1                                                 PERIO 2

(18+ years)                                             (< 18 yrs)                                (Scaling & Root Planing)                          (Maintenance)

  $295/yr                                           $225/yr                                          $788/yr                                                 $575/yr

 2 Cleanings                                        2 Cleanings                                   4 Quadrant SCRP                               3 Perio Maintenance 

   2 Exams                                              2 Exams                                 2 Perio Maintenance                                  Cleanings

1 set X-Rays                                      1 set X-Rays                                      2 Exams                                                     2 Exams

2 Fluoride Treatments                 2 Fluoride Treatments                  1 Set X-Rays                                               1 Set X-Rays

2 Oral Cancer Screens                  2 Oral Cancer Screens                 2 Oral Cancer Screens                              2 Oral Cancer Screens

1 Emergency Exam                        1 Emergency Exam                      1 Emergency Exam                                 1 Emergency Exam

 (savings of $379)                              (savings of $358)                              (savings of $950)                                      (savings of $281)

Additional family members added to your membership for just $200/each! Restrictions apply.


Includes procedures not covered by the membership plan.  Only one discount applied.  Some restrictions apply.  Invisalign, snap On Smile, Lumineers and Teeth Whitening excluded from Membership Plan.  Cannot be combined with other dental insurance plans.  For additional information, call our office at 910-347-1211.

Instead of going years without dental care, get great dental care for years.  Simply pay one low annual fee, and you’ll receive a discount on your dental work, as well as free X-rays, exams and cleanings.

Secure your membership before December 17, 2022 and get an electric toothbrush for FREE!

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