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Snap-On Smile 

Snap-On Smiles in Jacksonville - Lesan Family Dentistry

What is Snap-On Smile®?
Snap-On Smile® is a patented, removable custom dental appliance that involves no drills, no prepping, no needles and no adhesives, which simply snaps over a patient's natural teeth, and it's removable. It's non-invasive, meaning it is also reversible. They fit directly over existing teeth and can be applied to a variety of situations.

It's made with a specialized resin which allows the appliance to be made as thin as .5mm without compromising strength. Its simple patent design allows a patient to eat without any impingement into the gums. 

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Does it come in different shades like crowns and dentures do?
You and our Jacksonville dental practice can choose from 23 shades and 18 smile designs, giving you an array of choices for your cosmetically enhanced custom fitted appliance.

Who's A Candidate?
Any patient looking for an affordable cosmetic alternative to permanent dental work is a Snap-On Smile® candidate! Well suited for instant gratification, dental phobic and or medically compromised patients, such as chemo or radiation-treated patients.

It can also be used in some cases of periodontal disease, as a periodontal splint for mobile teeth by strengthening the teeth going through periodontal treatment. The splint is also helpful because the patient can easily maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Snap-On Smile® appliance is also ideal for those patients considering a more permanent restoration like veneers, which allows them to take their new smile for a test drive. For others, Snap-On Smile® gives them options they never had before.

Can I see Snap-on Smile® images of real people?
Please visit our Snap-on Smile image gallery.

What are the steps to receiving Snap-On Smile®?
After your free consultation, we will take an upper and lower impression.

Second, we will choose the preferred shape and shade.

Third, your case is sent to Snap-On Smile® Creations for fabrication and within 10-14 business days, a beautiful Snap-On Smile® is ready to be snapped in.

No cementation or bonding is ever needed. It will never come loose or fall out.

What is the turnaround time?
10 to 14 business days is our normal turn-around time. Rush cases are possible, so that could mean a new smile in half the time.

Can you sleep with them on?
Yes! One of the indications for Snap-On Smile® is that it can be used as a brux guard. So, if have permanent restorations like veneers and want to protect them while you sleep, you can use your Snap-On Smile®. For normal dentition, we DO NOT recommend sleeping with your Snap-On Smile® in place.

How does it attach?
Snap-On Smile® uses the natural curvature of your teeth to hold in place (due to the material's flexibility) by utilizing the heights of contour of each individual tooth.

Can you wear them every day? Will it break or tear?
Snap-On Smile® can be worn every day, all day. We suggest that the patient removes and cleans the appliance before going to bed unless the dental professional advises the patient to wear it while sleeping due to bruxism.

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