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Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Having a smile that is missing teeth or shows signs of wear can impact a person’s confidence. Lesan Family Dentistry in Jacksonville, NC provides crowns, bridges, and dentures to restore damaged and missing teeth. Our restorations are crafted with the utmost care and Dr. Lesan’s team works hard to ensure every step of the process is positive.

Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures in Jacksonville, NC

Dr. Lesan has combined the tried and true reliability of conservative dentistry with state-of-the-art methods like his 3D impression technique that allows him to consistently deliver top quality prosthetics for his patients. Lesan Family dentistry offers both traditional and implant supported dental restoration.

Traditional Restoration Options

  • Crowns to repair and protect a natural tooth that has become damaged through injury of decay
  • Fixed Bridges to replace a single tooth by attaching a prosthetic tooth to adjacent existing teeth
  • Dentures to replace a complete arch of when most or all teeth are missing

Restoration for Dental Implants in Jacksonville

When restoring dental implants in Jacksonville, we work closely with a top network of oral surgeons and periodontists and can refer you to the appropriate specialist according to your specific case. This tooth replacement solution is permanent and restores your tooth from the root up, providing the same stability you enjoyed with your own natural teeth.

When restoring dental implants, crowns are used to replace individual teeth, while implant-supported bridges replace a short row of teeth.

Hybrid dentures are permanently attached to four or more implant posts and overdentures are typically retained by four or more implant posts with additional support being provided by a stabilizing bar or another device.

A Methodical Approach

Dr. Lesan listens carefully to your concerns. He wants to restore both your smile and your confidence. If you wish to have a brighter smile as well, our dentist can whiten your nearby teeth prior to placing your crown or bridge. From your initial consultation to final touches to your new natural looking and functional teeth, you can count on Dr. Lesan to be gentle and compassionate. He will take the time necessary to make sure your prosthetic fits and looks the way you want it to.

Lesan Family Dentistry offers a five-year warranty on our restorations and stands by our work. We care for our patients the way we would expect to be treated and take pride in crafting top-quality dental restorations in Jacksonville.

If you are looking to repair or replace teeth in Jacksonville with crowns, bridges, or dentures,

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Healthy Smiles

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