Halloween Candy Donations

210 lbs of candy donated in 2023!

We are excited to be partnering with NCPacks4Patriots this year - donating our collected unopened Halloween candy to send to them!

NCPacks4Patriots is a nonprofit organization in NC, formed with the mission to support troops and their family members by providing care and comfort items and expressions of appreciation for their service and sacrifices.  Halloween candy will be included in Christmas packages that are sent out to deployed troops helping to make sure that our service men and women are never forgotten while serving away from home and family during the holidays.  

From NCPacks4Patriots: "NCPacks4Patriots is facing a crisis for our holiday care packages. During the time we have been packing care packages dental offices have conducted candy buyback programs for Halloween candy from their patients. We inspect this candy carefully and then sort out what can be used for Christmas packages and send that candy onto the troops. This year we’re finding out that dental offices are not conducting candy buyback programs due to Covid. Last year we received close to 9000 pounds of candy which lasted for several months in care packages. Our deployed troops do not have the luxury of being able to stop at a convenience store whenever they want a candy bar. The only snacks come in care packages. Please please purchase candy for our care packages.  Nothing says Christmas more than chocolate candies so let’s get stocked up on candy for care packages."



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